The Sacred Sanctuary of the Enigmatic Goddess

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

these made me run to the nearest internet shop in our area. I got a text message from my pretty mother (former boss turned best friend) that she's sent me the pics of her new pups. hehe we share a love for dogs. hence, i made her the godmother of my dog - coffee, a rambuctious female black labrador and she made me godmother of her 2 labs - cheddar (female yellow lab - mom of the pups, and charcoal, male black lab and she's now in the hunt for a chocolate colored labrador that she plans to name as churros).

when i opened my email i got this message:

hello ninang. check out our pictures! visit us before we get given away by lola meredith.


oh goodness!!! they're absolutely cute!!!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

God's grace is utterly amazing and unbelievable. i had this feeling that he wants to show off. we were a bit rattled until i figured out what HE is going to do. we were at our wits end but God's love saw us through.

never really doubt or fear when you put your trust in him.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

song from ally mcbeal 2nd season's last episode...

there's a secret path i follow
to a place no one can find
where i meet my perfect someone
that i've kept within my mind

when my heart makes my decision
and my dream becomes a vision
and the love i feel makes it real someday

coz i know he's out there somewhere
just beyond my reach
though i ve never really touched him
or ever heard him speak

no we've never met
i havent found him yet
but i know him by heart

no we've never met
i haven't found him yet
but i know him by heart...

i will know him when he comes, IF the three sisters decide it is rightful for us to meet in this lifetime. I will know him, but I will not be with him. he made me wait too long. Goodbye.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

tick tock tick tock
somebody tell me
how to stop the clock

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


at our hotel room on our pagsanjan getaway! too bad all the other pics were too big i cant upload it here or in friendster. :(

the complete cast of the hundred islands backpackers.

according to friends who have been to bora, the sands of hundred islands could rival that of bora! as well as the waters.

sun's too bright we could hardly open our eyes.

a different kind of trip for my agents. gee! i miss my kids!

this pic reminds me to go back to the gym. my cheeks are so full! and it doesn't help that we all love to eat in my new company.

my fave photo of me on our hundred islands trip. this was taken on top of the governors island.

@ pangasinan, at the inn. from left to right - theresa, apple, me, iza and portia.

bloggista night out on 9/15/06. from the top clockwise: me, the newly engaged - ish, the point and shoot girl - joyce, the much awaited (hehe) - cher, the doctor - theyie and the hopeless romantic(to put it more positively) tin.

more stories about my new work next time.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

decision final...

closed the cvg chapter of my life already... well, partly. since i still have to process my clearance and my back pay. after that, it will be official history for me. hehehe

im having the time of my life, well career aspect that is. God is truly generous.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


im on a cross road once again.

should i? should i not?

what if? what if not?

too much at stake. but the new venture seems really, as in really, promising. it's going to be a real challenge, a make or a break.

hey friends,

question. anyone of you who is aware of the standard formula for getting the amount an employee should receive upon retirement? i mean the basic, or the one mandated by philippine law. ur response will be highly appreciated. thanks.